Storm Clean® stormwater filtration products reduce and remove targeted pollutants to help comply with water quality regulations at the local, state and federal levels.  

To address the variety of issues associated with non-point source pollution, CleanWay filtration inserts work well in commercial, industrial and residential sites, and deliver cost effective water quality treatment in a small footprint. Applications include: 

  • Sites requiring on-site stormwater management

  • New installations

  • Updates to existing structures

  • Any phase in a treatment train

  • Large industrial and commercial sites

  • Heavy metals removal

  • Environmentally sensitive areas

  • Any customer or site with NPDES permitting requirements

  • Managing rooftop runoff


MetalZorb® is a high capacity sponge product that effectively reduces, removes and recovers dissolved heavy metals from stormwater and wastewater. Lead, mercury, zinc, gold and other heavy metals are captured in the highly absorbent filtration media. Once captured, dissolved metals are held, preventing captured metallic ions from leaching out.

Applications for cost effectively removing, reducing and recovering metals include:

Boom - Steve.JPG
  • Wastewater treatment

  • Groundwater remediation

  • Gold or other precious metals recovery

  • Landfill leachate treatment

  • Erosion control in CleanWay patented Absorption Booms

  • Pre-treatment, in a treatment train or for final polishing

  • Any location with unattended gravity flow

  • New installations of CleanWay catch basin filtration systems

  • Update other manufacturer BMPs by replacing existing media

  • Custom fabricated pressure or gravity fed systems to address specific industrial site considerations

  • Customized media blends address site-specific pollutants and water quality requirements

  • Your metals removal application!


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