How Heavy Metals Extraction Solutions Eliminate Zinc From Stormwater

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State and local regulatory agencies require industrial facilities to control the runoff of harmful pollutants from their sites, including lead, mercury, and zinc. While eliminating sources of contamination is ideal, this can be nearly impossible on some industrial sites, which is why stormwater runoff filtration is so important. CleanWay Environmental Partners in Portland, OR, specializes in effective heavy metal extraction products proven to eliminate zinc, which can be especially difficult to remove

Why Zinc Is Difficult to Eliminate

Unlike mercury and other heavy metals, zinc can originate from a wide variety of sources. Galvanized metal coatings on metal roofs and fences, for example, will deteriorate over time, releasing dissolved zinc into stormwater runoff. Forklift tires and evaporated motor oil are also common sources of zinc, so your facility may be exceeding environmental regulations even if you don’t use heavy metals in your manufacturing processes. The number of potential sources makes zinc especially difficult to contain, so heavy metal extraction at the drainage system entry point is often the best approach.

How CleanWay Environmental Partners Can Help

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As industry leaders in advanced stormwater filtration systems, CleanWay Environmental Partners provides a variety of innovative options designed to trap zinc. MetalZorb is a sponge medium that captures zinc and other metals without impeding the flow of water or requiring a backflow system. When inserted into a filtration insert, MetalZorb offers a low-maintenance option to help your commercial facility maintain regulatory compliance while protecting your local water supply from heavy metal contamination.

With over 25 years of experience and a reputation for excellence, CleanWay Environmental Partners has the expertise and cutting-edge materials to create efficient, effective stormwater treatment solutions designed to meet your needs. We understand that each facility faces different heavy metal extraction challenges, and we are committed to helping you overcome them.