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Watch now as MetalZorb Man does battle with the Evil Dr. Zinc! Whether the application is capturing dissolved heavy metals from non-point source pollution or reclaiming valuable metals from mining operations, MetalZorb gets the job done.

Human-generated stuff that ends up in the ocean, termed "marine debris" or "marine trash," presents a critical ocean and coastal management challenge. Trash can be found on coastlines and in seawater worldwide, from the surface to the seafloor. Marine trash degrades habitats, and harms and kills wildlife.

Our "Solutions" video highlights CleanWay's evolution while showcasing the specific product features that make our innovative stormwater filtration solutions unique. CleanWay’s commitment to the environment, rigid construction, and unique product features are all demonstrated in this video.

Is your rooftop runoff a concern for the pollutant load it carries? CleanWay® Downspout Filtration systems help you comply with water quality regulations that mandate removal of pollutants and heavy metals from rooftop runoff.

Absorption Booms efficiently and effectively hold dissolved heavy metals, sediment, debris, oily sheen and other pollutants and stop them from entering downstream waterways. CleanWay® provides a cost effective solution for protecting inlets and waterways with a flexible design that works well where other filtration options may not be viable.

CleanWay Absorption Booms are an economical pollution and erosion control solution 

Servicing a CleanWay Catch Basin insert with MetalZorb(R) with a vactor truck

With nearly 30 years of innovation and experience, CleanWay Environmental Partners patented, adaptive stormwater filtration systems allow you to achieve your water quality goals.

This quick animation shows you how easy it is to measure your basin to fit Storm Clean stormwater filtration systems from CleanWay Environmental Partners. When you're ready, fill out and submit your Client Worksheet for Round or Rectangular-Square Catch Basins

Storm Clean® catch basin filtration inserts are storm drain filters that are highly effective at removing contaminants from stormwater runoff. As full capture devices, these post-construction BMPs effectively remove a variety of pollutants, from turbidity to suspended solids, dissolved metals and floatables/debris.

MetalZorb® is a high capacity sponge filtration medium that effectively reduces, removes and recovers dissolved heavy metals, including lead, mercury, zinc and gold, found in stormwater and industrial process water discharge. With low impedance to flow, no backwash required, very high capacity and light in weight, this product is ideal for passive and in situ applications and helps achieve regulatory compliance.

About CleanWay Environmental Partners stormwater, process water and wastewater filtration products

Servicing and decanting municipal stormwater systems en route saves time and money

Check out how easy it is to install a CleanWay filter insert